Rachel's Vineyard - Forbidden Grief

Forbidden Grief: The Unspoken Pain of Abortion

Table of Contents

Foreword by Dr. Laura Schlessinger
Chapter One: Gina's Story
Chapter Two: Hiding the Truth
Chapter Three: Forbidding the Grief
Chapter Four: A Time to Grieve, A Time to Heal
Chapter Five: Maternal Confusion
Chapter Six: Mind Games: The Use and Misuse of Defense Mechanisms
Chapter Seven: Connections to the Past
Chapter Eight: Abortion as a Traumatic Experience
Chapter Nine: Memories Unleashed
Chapter Ten: Reenacting Trauma
Chapter Eleven: Repeat Abortions
Chapter Twelve: Sexual Abuse and Abortion
Chapter Thirteen: Booze, Drugs, Sex and Suicide
Chapter Fourteen: Broken Babies
Chapter Fifteen: What's Eating You? Abortion and Eating Disorders
Chapter Sixteen: Paradise Lost: Abortion and Ruined Relationships
Chapter Seventeen: No Choice, Hard Choice, Wrong Choice
Chapter Eighteen: The Labor of Grief and Birth of Freedom
Appendix A: The Politics of Trauma
Appendix B: The Complexity and Distortions of Post-Abortion Research
Appendix C: The Elliot Institute Survey
Appendix D: Resources


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